Training Workshops

April 16, 2018

The H-COM training event for health professionals started today in Spain. The 5-day training workshops that will be organized in each partner country in April and May aim to improve skills and competencies of health professionals in communication.

The training modules that will be taught in the workshops include: Handling patients with care, Consultation and Communication Skills, Understanding Health Literacy, Interdisciplinary Communication, Ethical Issues, Communicating with patients with chronic diseases, with mental health issues & economically disadvantaged, Communicating with specific groups (migrants, refugees, children and young people, Communication about Prevention, Communicating in difficult situations.

Date & Workshop Location
Spain: April 16 – 20, 2018 (University of La Laguna)
Cyprus: April 23 – 27, 2018 (Cyprus University of Technology)
Germany: April 23 – 27, 2018 (Technische Universität Dresden)
Greece: May 15 – 19, 2018 (Prolepsis Institute)